Benefits of Getting Rid of Student Loans

Benefits of Getting Rid of Student Loans in 2023

There are many benefits to getting rid of student loans. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also have more freedom. You’ll no longer be tied to a specific lender or repayment schedule. And if you ever need to bankrupt your loan, it will be much easier to do so than if you still had them.

Benefits of Getting Rid of Student Loans

Student loans are a burden that you don’t want to carry for the rest of your life. Here are some benefits of getting rid of them:

Reduced Financial Burden

Did you know that the average college graduate has over $37,000 in student loan debt? That’s a lot of money to be paying back each month, especially when you’re just starting out your career. But what if there was a way to get rid of that debt completely?

Believe it or not, there is! And it’s called student loan consolidation. When you consolidate your student loans, you combine all of your loans into one new loan with a lower interest rate. This can save you thousands of dollars in interest over the life of the loan.

But that’s not all. Consolidating your loans also makes it easier to manage your payments. Instead of making several payments each month to different lenders, you’ll now only have one payment to make each month.

Lower Monthly Payments

If you’re like most college graduates, you have student loans. And if you’re like most people with student loans, your monthly payments are pretty high. But what if there was a way to lower those payments? Believe it or not, there is. You can get rid of your student loans altogether.

There are a few ways to do this. One is to consolidate your loans into a new loan with a lower interest rate. Another is to get on an income-based repayment plan. These plans will cap your monthly payments at a percentage of your income, and they will also forgive the remaining balance after 25 years of payments (or 10 years if you work in public service).

Reduced Stress

When it comes to the stress of student loan debt, there may be light at the end of the tunnel. A new study has found that those who are debt-free have lower levels of stress than those who still have student loans.

The research, which was conducted by Student Loan Hero, looked at data from over 7,000 people. It found that people who have paid off their student loans have a 26% lower average stress level than those who still have debt.

There are many possible reasons for this difference in stress levels. One is that those with debt may feel like they are constantly under pressure to make payments. Another is that debt can be a major source of anxiety and worry.

Get Rid of Debt Collector Harassment

Debt collectors are a necessary evil for those who fall behind on their bills. However, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and when debt collectors start harassing you, it’s time to take action.

Debt collector harassment is a common problem for many people. The constant calls and threats can be very stressful and overwhelming. Here are a few tips for getting rid of debt collector harassment:

  1. Talk to the collector. If you can, talk to the collector on the phone and explain that you are not interested in talking to them anymore. Be polite and firm.
  2. Get verification in writing. Ask the collector to send you verification of the debt in writing. This will help you dispute the debt if it is not legitimate.
  3. Dispute the debt. If you believe that the debt is not legitimate, or if you think the amount is wrong, dispute it with the creditor or collection agency.
  4. Hire a lawyer. If the harassment continues, hire a lawyer to help you get rid of the debt collectors once and for all.

Less Stigma in the Workplace

There is no question that the stigma attached to having student loans is decreasing. More and more people are coming forward and talking about their experiences with student loans, and this is helping to get rid of the negative associations that are often attached to them.

This is a good thing, because it means that people will be less likely to hide their student loans, and they will be more likely to seek help if they need it.

It’s also important to remember that having student loans doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person or that you’re doomed to fail. In fact, the majority of people who have student loans are successful, and they are able to pay back their debts in a timely manner.

So don’t let the stigma stop you from seeking the help that you need. There are plenty of resources available, and you can get started by contacting your lender or Debt Advisor today.

Fewer Years Paying Off Your Loans

In the United States, the average student loan debt is $37,000. For many people, that’s a lot of money. It can take years to pay off that kind of debt. But there are ways to get rid of your student loans faster.

One way to pay off your student loans sooner is to make extra payments. If you can afford it, send in an extra payment every month or even every week. This will reduce the amount of interest you have to pay and shorten the time it takes to pay off your loan.

Another way to speed up the process is to consolidate your loans. This means combining all of your loans into one big loan with one monthly payment. The interest rate on a consolidated loan is usually lower than the rates on individual loans, so you’ll save money in the long run.


In conclusion, getting rid of student loans can have a number of perks. It can free up money each month to save or use for other purposes. It can also help improve one’s credit score. Finally, it can provide a sense of relief and freedom. Anyone considering this option should weigh the pros and cons carefully to make the best decision for their unique situation.

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